Prairie Creek Outside Storage Units

Find Dynamic Storage Solutions at Prairie Creek Storage LLC

We know that everyone’s storage needs are different. That is why we provide various kinds of storage unit rentals for all types of uses: personal, business or recreational. Our aim is to offer you the safest and most affordable storage facility that is not only secure but also accessible.

Diverse Storage Options

Our units come in many sizes so that you can find one that fits your items perfectly. We have small ones for seasonal decorations or office files; big ones for furniture, vehicles or commercial inventory – whatever it may be, there’s a space here at Prairie Creek Storage waiting just for them! Each unit is neat, tidy and ready to keep your things safe.

Safety and Convenience

Prairie Creek Storage has made security its top priority. We take great pride in being one of the most secure self-storage facilities around town! Our state-of-the-art security system includes high definition cameras that cover every inch inside our gated compound; bright lights which illuminate this area 24/7; round-the-clock monitoring by professionals who know what they’re doing… But wait! There’s more – did I mention unrestricted access? Yes indeed, customers can get into their units at any time day or night!

Low-cost with No Hidden Fees

We believe in keeping prices transparent – no hidden charges here folks! Our rates are very competitive because we want to offer quality service without forcing people into bankruptcy. You won’t find another place like ours where you’ll get such amazing storage solutions at these prices.

Convenience Plus Affordability Equals Satisfaction

What makes us different from other storage companies? The answer lies within our lease terms. They’re designed around flexibility so that customers can rent spaces for as short or long a period as they wish without having to sign up for eternity (unless you’d prefer it!). We’re all about making things easy and hassle-free: visit the website today, browse through the available sizes, pick one that suits your needs then either reserve it online or call up our helpful staff who will be more than happy to assist – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Outside Storage (35 x 12)

Great for vehicle and / or RV storage!

$75 / month